Question: How do I pay?
The orders will always be raised in Euro, Canadian or America funds (depending on specification of the vehicle) for deposits and final payments.

How do I qualify?
You must provide us with a diplomatic passport or service passport from a recognized international organization, and you must be accredited by the host nation for a mission of at least one year.

What price am I entitled to?
The BMW Diplomatic Program allows you to buy the same vehicle at a standardized price wherever you are posted.

How many cars am I entitled to buy?
Each holder of a diplomatic passport or service passport accredited by the host nation is entitled to buy one BMW or MINI vehicle per year.

What are the terms of payment?
An initial deposit of 10% of the value of the vehicle is required, with the final balance due prior to delivery.

Will my vehicle comply with the rules and regulations of its destination?
You must specify the country for which the vehicle is finally destined, as well as where you are currently posted. This information will ensure your BMW is compliant with the rules and regulations of its first and ultimate destinations.

What documents are needed?
• A certified copy of your diplomatic or service passport (all relevant pages)
• A signed BMW AG Order Form, including all details and options for your chosen vehicle
• A completed, stamped copy of our form 'Certification of Status' by your mission or organization

Can I lease or finance the vehicle?
It is possible to lease or finance a vehicle under the Diplomatic Program. An individual credit application would be required. Canadians stationed abroad ordering Canadian Specification will only be able to purchase the vehicle in full.