As a very special customer, you will receive a favourable diplomatic price on all models, and the option of a financing plan exclusive to BMW.

The vehicle will be fully customized and manufactured to your requirements. The price of the vehicle will be determined in Euros, American or Canadian dollars.

Financing through BMW Financial Services is exhilarating. And by exhilarating, we mean intelligent and flexible. A smart vehicle purchase should be supported with a smart purchase plan. Here, you'll find more financing options and terms than you could have imagined. We'll make it as easy as possible for you to drive the BMW you want now and be able to upgrade to another BMW in the future.

Select from two financing options - each one multiplied by countless options and terms, of course.

Standard Financing
Our Standard Financing option is straightforward, easy, and perfectly suited to the diplomatic buyer. Competitive interest rates and contract terms combine with a wide range of down payment options.

Why not have the satisfaction of owning combined with the flexibility of a lease-type payment schedule? With OwnersChoice you make equal monthly payments over the length of your term, and a payment for the remaining amount (called a balloon) at the end. During the contract, your equal monthly payments are much lower, allowing you to purchase more BMW for less money per month. The length of contract is flexible, as is the balloon amount, which you can pay off at any time without penalty. Much like a lease, you keep your BMW at the end of the contract by paying off or refinancing the balance, if you haven't done so already. Total financing flexibility.