People who bear the greatest responsibilities should be able to rely on the greatest protection – without having to sacrifice the unique driving experience that only a BMW Security Vehicles can offer.

BMW has been setting new standards in the design and construction of armoured vehicles for over 30 years. Our current model range continues this tradition in impressive style. Climb in and settle back, safe in the knowledge that you couldn't be in a more secure or more relaxing environment.

Security Levels
BMW is the only manufacturer to offer three levels of security, all of them drawing on more than 30 years' experience of building armoured vehicles. As such, BMW offers the world's most comprehensive range of solutions for secure road travel – meaning everyone can get just what they need to feel safe.

The BMW 5 Series Security and BMW X5 Security offer class VR4 ballistic protection (against blunt instruments and handguns of up to .44 Magnum calibre), making them the ideal way to counter the threat of street crime.

Security Plus.
The BMW X5 Security Plus offers class-6 ballistic protection (tested as per VPAM-APR 2006 and BRV 1999 guidelines), meaning it is also secure against the world's most widespread firearm, the AK-47.

High Security.
The BMW 7 Series High Security safeguards high-ranking politicians and corporate executives against terrorist attack with heavy-calibre ammunition and explosives. The vehicle as a whole meets the new class VR7 ballistic protection standard, and many areas in fact offer class VR9 protection.

Every BMW is built with enormous precision and care, and we adhere to the strictest quality standards throughout our global manufacturing network. Every car is custom-built, and naturally we do all the work ourselves – because we wouldn't trust anyone else with something as important as your safety. This is why only BMW offers maximum protection, made by BMW.

The technicians in the BMW Security workshop ensure that the security modifications are incorporated to the highest standards imaginable, and that all the customer's individual wishes are taken care of. As you would expect, only the finest materials are used to achieve this. In-depth discussions are held with every potential customer, to ensure that all your questions are answered – and that your BMW Security Vehicle will be yours in the fullest sense, built to your specific requirements.

From the armour plating and reinforced glass to the runflat tires, all the security equipment has been designed to offer optimum protection while attracting minimum attention.

We'd do anything to ensure your safety. And to ensure you receive perfect service. Routine maintenance and repairs to the security modifications can be carried out at selected locations all over the world by specially trained experts, backed by a dedicated team of BMW Security Vehicles specialists in Munich who will come and help on the ground if required.

Naturally, BMW Security Vehicles come with the same comprehensive warranty as standard BMW models. Our global logistics network ensures spare parts can be delivered rapidly anywhere in the world.

OTTO's BMW will be delighted to discuss your requirements with you. Because nobody knows better than you do what your mission is, and what situations you will have to deal with.

Please contact us for further information.